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Rowing introduction & training for complete beginners takes place over 6 weeks.

Training is open to anyone over the age of 18 years with no upper limit to age. If you have never sat in a racing boat before and or have watched the boat race or the rowing Olympics and wondered what it is like to sit in a racing boat,  this is your chance

Our course is open to both men and women and on club days our rowing outings are nearly always made up of mixed crews and a wide range of ages.

The first day is just an introduction to rowing and the terms and terminology used. Moored to the bank and using a training oar which has no water resistance you learn the basics of the rowing stroke.

On the second and third week you have a 30 minute trip in a tub. This Is a stable rowing boat which allows you to learn the rowing stroke for real and also the timing you need when with a crew

On the 4th & 5th week you experience your first outing in a racing boat which is called a restricted boat. These are the most stable racing boats designed for the novice rowing crew, most rowers won their first cup in these boats at regattas up and down the country


On the sixth week you step out of the family car of rowing boats and into the Ferrari a racing shell eight.

In this you will feel the real power of a racing eight similar to those seen in the Boat Race.

Don’t worry , you will be in a boat with rowers with years of experience for an exhilarating row down to Marsh Lock and Back.

Then the course is over and it is down to you whether you join the rowing group who meet every Thursday and Sunday.

Again don’t worry if it all seems a bit much at this stage, we all learnt somewhere, by joining in with experienced crews and you will soon find it all becomes second nature. You never stop learning, the cox sees to that, even our most experienced members are told where they are going wrong on every trip, its all part of rowing

 Beware though, once you have the rowing bug it never leaves you and what better exercise, as they say rowers do it sitting down. Who knows, you might even enter a regatta later in the year.

Last year we had a mixed crew win the coxed fours at Phyllis Court regatta, average age 60 years.

 Training date will be agreed once we know who is joining us and the best time for training to take place.

The first day is normally the first or second week of May and then the following six weeks.

 One thing that doesn’t happen, we don’t row in the rain, so date may move depending on the weather.

Have a look at the Rowing Training Course Detail to see what is on offer




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