When is my Duty Rota?

The rota is emailed out in May for the first half of the season.  The remainder of the rota follows later in the year.  

How can I remember when my duty rota is?

We are trialling a text and email reminder service to help remind members when their duty is.  You will get an email a week before and a text a few days before.  The only thing we can’t do is update the system with all the changes you may be making by swapping between yourselves so you will still get the reminder for your original duty.  Please can you ensure that the person you have swapped with is reminded? 


Can I use and/or store my own craft at the club.

Due to lack of space it is not possible for members or non-members to store or use their own craft at the club

Is it possible to buy refreshments

We have no cafe but members can bring their own picnics as long as all rubbish is taken home. There is no alcohol kept on site but can be brought as part of a picnic


Why am I getting multiple emails from WBC?

If you are getting multiple emails to one address, this is because that address is against a number of people within your membership.  Please ensure that all family members who wish to receive all member emails have their email address on their membership entry.  So, if husband and wife both want to get an email each, make sure that the relevant email addresses are entered.  If you are getting too many emails to one address then please remove the address from the person/people who don’t need a copy of the email e.g. children.

Duty member reminders will be sent to the email address and telephone number of the “Lead Member” so if you need to change this please log in and change it.


How long can I take a boat out for?

Unfortunately we do not have enough boats for people to take the boat out for hours on end.  At busy times, you will be limited to half an hour at a time to ensure that other members can get to use a boat.  If the club is very quiet however, you may discuss with the duty member taking the boat for up to an hour, but please ensure you take a mobile phone with you so we can call you back if we need the boat for another member.


Can I bring a guest to the club?

There will soon be a list of members held in the duty members signing in/out book so please ensure all members of your family (including young children) are on your membership.  You are permitted to bring guests to the Boat Club with the following conditions:

  • Each individual guest may only visit the club up to 3 times in one membership year.  If a guest intends visiting more often that this they should purchase a membership.

  • Each guest should pay £3 per visit.

  • All guest's details should be recorded in the Duty members signing in/out book and checked to ensure guests are not visiting more than three times in one year.


Are buoyancy aids provided?

All members should purchase their own buoyancy aid.  A guidance document outlining when a life jacket/buoyancy aid should be worn is displayed in the club.