More about punting

Wargrave Boating Club offers a unique insight to the mysterious world of Punting.

Punting done properly is probably the most elegant means of propelling a boat on the river.

Our punts are very different to the wide, heavy and slow "barges" you see in Oxford and Cambridge. 

The Boating Club is lucky to have an excellent fleet of racing punts, which include relatively stable 2 foot wide racing punts and some needle thin (about 15 inch wide) "Best and Best" punts. 

Why Best and Best? We hear that in Edwardian times, when Thames regattas had crowds approaching those of Premier League football, the fastest (best) punts were punted by the clubs' best punters, hence the "Best and Best".

These days, there is still exciting punt racing to watch or compete in at a number of local events, including the Wargrave and Shiplake Regatta, the Punt Championships in Maidenhead and of course our own Rag Regatta.

The Wargrave and Shiplake regatta attracts the best and most elegant punters in the country and is a great spectacle.

You too can learn to punt at Wargrave Boating Club - please see our courses section