You'll find all the key documents in here.  Don't forget that you can bring along guests to the club (£3 per guest up to three times a year).

For safety reasons, all members should purchase their own buoyancy aid.  A very small number of buoyancy aids are available to hire for guests at £2 per visit.  The number of each size of buoyancy aid and life jacket is very small and cannot be relied upon to be available due to other members using them so if you are able to borrow or buy equipment if you are expecting a lot of visitors, this would be advisable.

At the end of your duty session, please could you put the rubbish in the bags provided and place them over Helen and Clive’s gate. They will then kindly have the refuse collected. Helen and Clive live in the property situated nearest to the Boating Club, as you walk back up the little lane, it is the first house on the right. 

General membership documents:

  1. Club Rules 

  2. WBC Constitution

  3. Quick reference guide to club rules

  4. Guidance for Duty Manager

  5. Bylaws

  6. WBC Logo in JPEG - on the following -  PDF

  7. WBC Disputes and Appeals policy

  8. When to wear buoyancy aid or life jacket

  9. Temporary Procedures for using skiffs and punts - Covid

  10. Temporary Duty Member Guidelines - Covid

  11. Temporary Reopening Guidelines - Covid 

Policies (children)

  1. Anti-bullying Policy​

  2. Code of Ethics

  3. Guidelines for use of Photographic Filming-Equipment

  4. Safeguarding Children Policy

  5. WBC Code of Conduct for members, guests and coaches

  6. Consent Forms - Adult and Child

  7. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Guidance Flowchart

Club documents & Roles:

  1. Reference request

  2. WBC Event Welfare Officer Job Description

  3. WBC Club Welfare Officer Job Description

  4. WBC application form

  5. Volunteer and coaches list and risk assessment

  6. Club Roles List and risk assessment

  7. British Canoeing Self Declaration Form

  8. Notice Wargrave Boating Club Welfare Officer

  9. WBC Changing Room Guidance

  10. WBC Child protection policy

  11. Club H&S Policy

  12. SUP Rules