More about skiffing

Get trained and then practise your skiffing skills - we run a number of Training Courses for Skiffers.

Once you have been approved as a skiffer, you should take every opportunity to get out on the river as often as your busy lives allow. 


There are a number of people who skiff on weekday mornings for an hour, usually starting at 8:45am. The number varies from three to eight, so we just get out as many boats as we need. The river is lovely in the morning and normally very peaceful. This is great exercise and suitable for skiffers of all standards. 


On most of these outings, there is at least one experienced person who can provide a bit of coaching or assistance if you need it. Skiffing is very sociable and informal. Any Junior Approved skiffers can come down to the club on Saturday afternoons after the courses to take the skiffs out. Crews and coxes will need to be organised by themselves.

Each week, we issue a Google document where members can put their names down against specific time slots. If you prefer a different time, try adding that to the list and see if anyone else can join you!


Mike Loxley is responsible for co-ordinating the skiff section, with a lot of help from other volunteers. If you have any questions about skiffing and access to the boats, then please email Mike

The following downloads provide more information: